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Arrive, relax and enjoy! Since 2012 we welcome you with this credo to our premises in Kernen in the Rems valley. The architecturally worth seeing winery building with its spacious grounds, the lush green spaces and the light-flooded vinotheque invites you to linger and taste.

Visit us spontaneously for a glass of wine in our vinotheque, at one of our events or make an appointment for a wine tasting. We will gladly take time for you! Your family Kern


To learn from each other and with one another for life is a natural principle for our whole family. We regard it an extraordinary and not at all self-evident opportunity to run a company together with grandparents, parents and children. This is not only beneficial for the family ties – the company also profits because the experience, routine and desire to experiment of different generations come together.

This does not mean we live in false harmony. We do not want to suppress different opinions and the one or other argument. It is part of a healthy family life and corporate culture, to get together in important decisions and to be sure of one’s own freedom. Progress can only be made if you not only pull together, but also in the same direction. A company history of more than 100 years proves that our Kern family is a good team.


With the vintage of 2019 our company switched to the guidelines of the FAIR and GREEN registered association. We actively optimize our processes in ecological, economic and social aspects. Integrated pest management in the vineyards, the careful use of resources and also energy-efficient winemaking reduce the impact of winemaking on the environment.

For us, training, further education and fair working conditions are the basis of a successful family business. These measures are accompanied by our commitment to the region and a long-term business strategy. We lead by example to make our company fit for the next generations.


Architecture, design and layout are important. However the most important of all are the people. That is why we do not distract from the actual core of the company with our buildings and premises. And that is us and our wines. With the construction of the new wine cellar, we had the unique opportunity to design and adapt everything individually to our needs. We have consistently thought through and implemented all the steps that enable us to give our wines their unmistakable character.

The simplicity that defines our wines and ourselves, can also be found in our premises. Large and uninterrupted areas create peace and an atmosphere of relaxation and serenity. Our company invites you to arrive, relax and linger. Here you can treat yourself to a little break from everyday life while enjoying our wines. In 2013, our building was awarded the title of “Höhepunkt der Weinkultur” (Highlight of Wine Culture).


As one of the most modern wineries in Württemberg, we today primarily produce quality wines for wine connoisseurs in the region. Thanks to our technical equipment we press the grapes particularly gently and are able to develop locations and qualities individually with great care. This enables us to produce a wide range from the classic Trollinger with Lemberger to the extravagant Sauvignon Blanc.

Since our wines should not be random products, we work cleanly, quickly, transparently and with passion – and continuously improve ourselves through the quality management system introduced in 2005 according to the internationally recognized IFS® standard. Convince yourself of our craftsmanship and the art of wine making during one of our regular cellar tours.


If you work together with over 150 winegrowers, then the good cooperation with these partners is the basis for a good wine. For us, our winegrowers are not just a number in the member file. We see ourselves as a team with a common goal. Our ambition is to develop wines that are typical of the region, but also individual. For this goal our winegrowers give their best in the vineyards. The contact to our grape growers is not limited to the harvest period in autumn. Rather, we maintain a good relationship throughout the year. This is the only way we can bring viniculture in line with our production of wine.

Nothing suits us more than winegrowers who identify themselves with our wines and deal with them. Only then is it guaranteed that the production is not dissociated from the wishes of our customers. It is important for all of us to preserve the attractiveness of the vineyards and thus the cultural landscape. The vineyards in their varied and charming surroundings are the capital and the foundation on which we shape our future.

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The modern wine line. Expressive wines from Württemberg for newbies, aficionados and hardened experts.